Game Developers Conference 2015
Conference: March 2-6
Expo: March 4-6
Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA


We’re headed to California! Join us at GDC to play the IGF nominated “Rooftop Cop” by Stephen Lawrence Clark, see Professor Clara Fernandez-Vara and MFA Elyse Lemoine talk diversity in game programs, visit our weird Booth Jam, an 18 hour game jam right in our Expo booth, and so, so much more.

The NYU Game Center will be in San Francisco all week with tons of opportunities to play games made in the program, hear talks from the faculty, students, and alumni, and learn about the program. If you, or someone you know who will be at GDC would like to learn about the program, stop by our booth, or contact us at to schedule a meeting.

Here are all the places you’ll find the NYU Game Center. We’ll see you there!


The 2015 IGF Awards

Join us on Wedesday night, March 4, to celebrate the best in independent game making at the 2015 IGF Awards. We’re excited and proud to have five NYU Game Center games and a No Quarter commissioned game nominated for IGF awards this year.

“Rooftop Cop” by MFA Alumni Stephen Lawrence Clark and “How do you Do It?” made by a team of NYU students, Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, Decky Coss, and Jonathan Kitakka at the NYU site for the 2014 Global Game Jam are both nominated for the Nuovo Award.

In the Student Showcase, “Rooftop Cop”, “Gemini” by Nick Zhang and Atlas Chen, and “Stellar Smooch”, a collaboration from MFA Alec Thomson and BFA Jenny Jiao Hsia earned nominations.

No Quarter Commissioned game “Killer Queen” by Nik Mikros and Josh DeBonis is nominated for Best Game Design.


Play games made by faculty, students, alumni, and No Quarter commissions all throughout the conference.

The Game Center Booth
Expo Floor, Wednesday-Friday:

Play thesis games, Incubator games, No Quarter games, Global Game Jam games and more at our booth. We’ll feature a different selection of games on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Students, faculty, and staff will be around the booth to talk about the program and making games in New York City.

The return of the GDC Booth Jam! Our students will be at our Expo booth Wednesday-Friday making a game only during open Expo hours. Students create a game exquisite corpse style based on a theme from the conference. Watch the madness throughout the Expo and come play what they made on Friday! To check out last year’s Booth Jam, visit the live-blog here.

IGF Booth
Expo Floor, Wednesday-Friday:

Play IGF nominated games from the NYU Game Center MFAs and Alumni “Rooftop Cop” by Stephen Lawrence Clark, “How do you Do It” by Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, Decky Coss, and Jonathan Kittaka, “Gemini” by Nick Zhang and Atlas Chen, and “Stellar Smooch” by Alec Thomson and Jenny Jiao Hsia.

Indie Mega Booth
West Hall, Monday-Friday:

Play MFA Thesis and Incubator game “Gemini” by Atlas Chen and Nick Zhang.

Train Jam Booth
West Hall, Monday-Friday:

Five of our current MFA students are joining the GDC Train Jam, where developers make games on a train from Chicago to San Francisco. See what they made during the Train Jam booth on the Expo floor!

Intel University Showcase
Thursday 5PM:

MFA Winnie Song was selected to show her thesis game, “Badblood”, at the 2015 Intel University Showcase!

That Venus Patrol & Wild Rumpus Party
Wed. 7PM @ Public Works:

Play Professor Bennett Foddy’s “Bennett Foddy’s Speed Chess” and MFA Alec Thomson and BFA Jenny Jiao Hsia’s “Stellar Smooch” with all the cool kids.


Our faculty, adjuncts, students, and alumni are giving talks, leading workshops, and participating in panels all throughout GDC.

Monday, 11:15AM:
Increasing Gender Diversity in Game Development Programs
with Professor Clara Fernandez-Vara and MFA Elyse Lemoine

Monday, 1:45PM:
Teaching Games with Games 2: Six More Exercises in Play
with Professor Eric Zimmerman

Monday, 3:00PM:
When Intuition and Experience are NOT Enough: Perspectives on Teaching Students Advanced User Research Methods to Create Winning Designs
with Professor Katherine Isbister

Tuesday, 11AM:
Building a Sport: The Design Philosophy of League of Legends
with Department Chair Frank Lantz

Tuesday, 2:20PM:
Designing with Physics: Bend the Physics Engine to Your Will
by Professor Bennett Foddy

Tuesday, 5PM:
Level Design in a Day: Level Design Histories and Futures
by Adjunct Professor Robert Yang

Wednesday, 11AM:
The Evolution of Free-to-Play
by Adjunct Professor Joost van Dreunen

Wednesday, 2:00PM:
IGDA Game Writing SIG Roundtable
with MFA Alexander Bevier

Wednesday, 3:30PM:
Game Design Case Studies – One Designer | One Game | One System
with Professor Eric Zimmerman and Professor Bennett Foddy

Wednesday, 5PM:
Creating Safe Spaces at Game Events
with MFA Alumni Toni Pizza

Thursday, 11AM:
GDC Microtalks 2015: One Hour, Ten Speakers, Games and Play, and Us
with Adjunct Professor Naomi Clark

To explore the entire GDC summit and conference schedule and plan out your week, head over to the GDC Conference Schedule.