May 22nd, 2014, 6PM
2 Metrotech Center, 8th Floor

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts proudly invites you to the first annual Game Center Student Show. Join us on Thursday May 22nd from 6 – 10PM as NYU Game Center’s first graduating MFA students showcase their thesis projects alongside a number of hand-picked games from a variety of classes throughout the department.

The evening will feature projects, from digital games, board games, augmented reality creations, tabletop role-playing games, and more. Below is a preview of six of the over fifty games that will be featured at the show. If you’re interested in seeing more, check out the MFA Projects page.


Atlas Chen and Nick Zhang

Gemini is an experimental game aiming to create a meaningful emotional relationship between the player and a non-player character, through a story of two stars flying to the heavens from earth by elevating each other and lighting up the sky.


Rooftop Cop
Stephen Lawrence Clark

ROOFTOP COP is a videogame cycle in five parts; through five digital games, players explore different manifestations of violence (political, environmental, temporal, etc.) as they perform abstracted versions of law-enforcement behavior. The games are set on a loose timeline in which actions slowly become divorced from any initial purpose, becoming little vestigial rituals.


Izakaya Ōmen
Diego Garcia

Izakaya Ōmen is an ambient, character-focused cooking game set in a mysterious spirit world. To return to the realm of the living, you must please your horrifying patrons by learning to prepare otherworldly delights using an array of unsettling ingredients.


Lie to the Devil
Jonathan Zungre

Lie to the Devil is a single player game where the player is left alone in a room to have conversation with a strange computer AI that eventually wants to hurt him. Not For Children.

Asterisk Screenshot

Michael Consoli

Asterisk is a team-based shooter in which starship crews compete to destroy each other in pitched space battles. Each crew is given the controls of their ship, a number of guns, some drones, and are then tasked with shooting their opponents’ vessel out of the sky.


The Fishermen’s Dilemma
Liron Lerman

The Fisherman’s Dilemma is an augmented reality, massive multiplayer board game, about the “Tragedy of the Commons.” In the game, each player represents a fisherman that fishes from a finite pool. Each player tries to maximize their own personal gain, while trying not to overexploit the common.

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