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Hi, my name is Noah, and I like making music and games.

Projects By nap424


Why are you studying games?
To hopefully make really good games one day
Describe your favorite project made by a classmate.
A dating sim where you can only speak to your date with autofilled word choices
What's your secret weapon?
slap some cool drums on anything and it seems better than it is :)
Describe one memorable lecture, assignment, or exercise you've had at the Game Center.
Make an action game around the verb "jetpack".
How has the Game Center changed your thinking about games?
I think about games as much more powerful narrative experiences after studying here.
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
Publish some cool independent games
What's the last great game you played and what's great about it?
Yume Nikki -- everything about that game is amazing and beautiful.
What's your favorite New York City spot?
The halal cart on 14th street that sells gyros+a drink for 4 dollars.