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Alessia Ianni-Palarchio

Hello! I'm Alessia, a designer, artist, and programmer from Canada! I graduated with my BDes from OCAD University's Digital Futures program, where I had studied games for a portion of my undergrad as well! I've done a little bit of work in games projects, both on the research side and as personal projects, and I absolutely fell in love with the process. Now I'm here to pursue my MFA in Game Design to continue my passion of making games that can warm people's hearts!

Why are you studying games?
I'm studying games because games have always been such a compelling medium to me. I love art and design, and I love all the different pieces that goes into making a game and seeing how that becomes a final, wonderful work. I also love getting to see people experience joy from playing a work that captures their heart, and want to continue to create the kind of work that always got a smile out of me.
What's the last great game you played and what's great about it?
Right now, my new game obsession is Hades, by supergiant games. I just feel the love and care put into every aspect of the game, from the characters, to the lore, to the story, and in the world and art itself. The Supergiant team did an amazing job making such a visually beautiful and emotionally compelling game, and creating a game loop that makes me want to reach greater and greater successes with each run I take at it!