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Julian Spinelli

Hi, I was born in Argentina where I got my bachelor's degree in System Engineering. I got into game design by torturing my friends with my Critical Role themed D&D campaign. I enjoy game programming the most but I always like the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and try my hand at other aspects of game design.

Why are you studying games?
As cheesy as it sounds I want to leave the world better than how I found it, and I think games can help a lot in that regard.
Describe your favorite project made by a classmate.
We miss the moon (Itchio) by Jason Guisao and Jude Pinto. Beautiful walking sim filled with small story vignettes and a lesbian love story.
What's your secret weapon?
I'm really good at Googling stuff. It is a skill that I have mastered through years of trying to be a good programmer.
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
I hope to get a job as a programmer at a studio where I can put my programming skills to test. And maybe sometime later pivot to a more creative role when I feel more prepared
What's the last great game you played and what's great about it?
Hades by Supergiant, one of the best games I've ever played. A captivating art style, beautiful story, and addictive gameplay. Also a masterclass in responsible game development