Livetweet your way through a haunted house as Chad (@harshrealm22), the most clueless dudebro.

Elyse Lemoine

Play the Game here.

#adderhouse2014 is an Inform7 game about a sixteen-year-old dudebro, Chad (@harshrealm22), livetweeting his way through a haunted house.  Armed with only a flashlight and his cellphone, Chad must make his way through a haunted house as a part of a triple dog dare, all while being harassed by a ghost and teased by his friends.  Input actions and help Chad explore the house in order to solve the mystery of the vengeful ghost of the Adder House and make it out alive.

Done in 4 weeks (March 2014) for Narrative Game Studio at the NYU Game Center using Inform 7.  This is a single-player input text adventure game that can be played in 10 – 20 minutes.  Needs an internet connection and a web browser to play (can be played on iPad or iPhone).