Cyberpunk Coop Stealth Game

Dannan Wen + Suyi + Sky Huang + Yiren Wang
Class: Game Studio II - 2019
Instructor:  Robert Yang    

About This Game:

“Alice and Bunny Pro” is a third-person stealth game that takes place in the near future, where a monolithic automation cooperation, Grand Carbon, is ruling the world. Behind the scene, G.C. is secretly creating killer robots prototypes from Alice’s childhood toy, Mr. Bunny Pro. To rescue Mr. Bunny Pro, Alice goes on the journey of infiltrating G.C. and destroying G.C.’s evil plan from within.

Local Co-op:

Rescuing Mr. Bunny Pro is merely the first step. As a saying goes, “It’s easier to go up the mountain”. Alice and Mr. Bunny Pro will have to escape from the center of the company, together. You will have to get past guards together and utilize your strength and unique skills to break out.


Hiding from the guards and getting past them is not easy. You will have to creatively utilize the environment to sneak through them. As you progress, you will get unusual G.C. technologies to aid you on your way, allowing you to use unique abilities.

Download HERE.