Basketcase - A fun game to play with friends while shopping.

A fun gathering game where players seek out items at the market in an attempt to fill out a shopping basket. But look out for other players, or they'll take the basket from you!

Randy Sabella + Kailin Zhu + Wyatt Yeong + Emma Wang
Basketcase – A social intervention game
A fun game to play with friends while shopping.
Game Parameters:
6 Players
10 Minutes
Game Materials:
Grocery Market
Grocery Basket
Grocery Shopping List
Game Setup:
1) Gather at the Grocery Market
2) Place the Grocery Shopping List face up on the bottom of the Grocery Basket
Game Objective:
The player carrying the Basket with all the items on the Grocery Shopping List is declared the winner.
Game Rules:
Dispatching Rules
– All players gather inside the Grocery Market at the entrance
– One player is randomly chosen to be the initial Basket Carrier. The player carries the Basket and proceeds to move around the market and play the game
– Every 5 seconds, another random remaining player is allowed to move around the market and play the game
Basket Rules
– You may only pick up items from the Grocery List
– You may pick up items and place them into the Basket ONLY IF you are holding the Basket
– If the Basket Carrier crosses path with another player. The other player takes the Basket and is now the Basket Carrier.
– If the Basket Carrier has all the items on the Grocery List in the Basket, the game ends and the Basket Carrier is the winner.
Movement Rules
– Players must always be moving. Players can only stop if they are picking up an item on the Shopping List
– Players may not run. At least 1 foot must be on the ground at all times
– Players may not walk backwards, or turn around to backtrack
– Players may not overtake another player