“Becoming The Godfather” is a noir themed board game that focuses on strategy and negotiation. Four players compete to become the wealthiest, best candidate for a Godfather.

Welcome to Noah York City, a city controlled by a once great Mafia family. The Godfather recently kicked the bucket and now a new leader must be appointed. You and three other high ranking officials of the family must compete to prove yourselves as the most qualified leader, with the best control of the city.

Yuhao Gao
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2019
Instructor:  Lawra Suits Clark    

Become the Godfather, is a three to four-player board game.

Players need to sell drugs in order to earn money, and then launder that money into “clean money” for winning points. Players can affect the course of the game by playing and trading cards between each other. The game challenges players to find a balance between cooperation and competition. 

You can download the e-version of this game here: cards  instructions, but you need to prepare the fake money and dice yourself.