A text-based descent into a post-apocalyptic sitcom.

"Bunker Blues" is a text-based adventure game where you control a bunker-dwelling family's new robot assistant in a particularly surreal situation. Talk to other characters and make social choices to influence how life changes for you and your new family.

Nick Carbonara + Flan Falacci
Class: Intermediate Game Design - 2016
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy    

Play the game HERE! (Works on Smartphones!)

Bunker Blues, created by Flan Falacci and Nick Carbonara, is a text-based adventure game created using Inklewriter where your choices change, or reinforce, one bunker-dwelling family’s way of life. The writing of the game has been said to use “the unfunniness of 80s sitcom tropes to good, disturbing effect,” by some, and to resemble “a bad trip” by others.

Not to get too spoilery, but Bunker Blues is, by design, a trippy experience. This is what happens when you’re specifically tasked with fusing the post-apocalyptic and sitcom genres in a highly narrative-based game. The two things don’t mesh in any way that isn’t a little weird. Fortunately, we were all to happy to embrace this.

On top of that, Bunker Blues doesn’t just give you some weird jokes to laugh at, but actually gives you a chance to become part of the unusual humor that fills the world of the game… or to rail against it. We’ll refrain from saying any more. If your interest is piqued, the game beckons from the link above.