Clica needs your help!

Class: Thesis I - 2016

(For the thesis class of 2016, led by Frank Lantz, Matt Parker, Eric Zimmerman, Clara Fernández-Vara)


Welcome to Blockland!

Clica: Blockland Adventure is a puzzle-platform game featuring indirect control and platform building. You play as the gamemaster of Blockland, a game world full of platformer puzzles. Your task is to guide and protect Clica, an adventurous treasure hunter, as she explores the island. Using point & click, you create new platforms and send instructions to help Clica complete a variety of platformer challenges.


-A puzzle-style platformer featuring indirect control and platform building.

-50+ distinctive puzzles that challenges your creativity of path design (currently 9 are available)

-Deep and evolving interactions with the in-game character

-Friendly to non-experienced platformer players with a point & click control style

-Refreshing anime art style


There are 5 stages to explore in Blockland (currently the first stage is available for play), each containing around 10 levels. Each level requires you to solve a puzzle using as few blocks as possible. Once the level is cleared, the next level is unlocked and you get either a bronze, silver or gold trophy depending on the number of blocks used. Secret stages will also be revealed based on the number and quality of trophies you have collected.