"A puzzle game with a sexy twist."

Erotica Robotica is a Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes style game where multiple players must work together to sexually pleasure a robot, SAMM-69. One player will be manning the computer attempting to please the robot by solving its puzzles; the other player(s) must help read the robot's manual in order to decipher exactly what it wants. Can you satisfy SAMM-69?

Olivia Mignone


Erotica Robotica is a 2+ player asymmetrical, info timed puzzle game – similar to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (2015), but sexier.

Developed by TeamBONE (Bria Smith, Olivia Mignone, Noah Salaway and Erik Miller), the game was developed in 3 weeks and went on to be featured on various websites, including KillScreen.com.

PLAY FOR FREE @ https://livicole.itch.io/eroticarobotica

“If the game sounds confusing, good: it’s supposed to be. Who said having sex with robots was easy?” Kill Screen, 2016

“A puzzle game with a sexy twist.”  Future of Sex, 2016

 “Rather than consult instructions for defusing a bomb, [the player] is reading a manual to provoke the orgasm of a sex robot. Much more exciting, if you ask me.” Anait Games, 2016 (translated)