A series of dystopian web games with AI

Chuang Xie
Class: Thesis 1 - 2019
Instructor:  Mitu Khandaker    

Experiment 65536 is a series of dystopian web games created with the help of the latest AI technologies.

The setting is that in the near future people are getting fanatical about participating in experiments to keep themselves on the right track within the regulations of a totalitarian regime. Taking experiments has become the end rather than means.

The series consists of 3 episodes, each of which focused on a given AI subject.

Experiment 65536

Experiment 65536 is technically about semantics AI. The superficial story of this experiment is about a personified AI called 65536 who is so obsessed with its NLP training data set that absorbing more training data is all that he wants. Players are asked to type in the semantically closest word in his mind based on what he sees on the screen. However, the real goal of this experiment is to find the citizens who own the forbidden knowledge, the knowledge that the regime thinks they are not supposed to know, and then rectify their mind.

Experiment 65537

Experiment 65537 is focused on sentiment AI. The related techs include facial expression capture, pose capture and sentence sentiment checking. Players are asked to show the feedback to given social news, but only certain feedbacks that the regime regards as patriotic can pass the test.

Experiment 65538

Experiment 65538 is implemented with the help of procedural generation techs. Players need to complete procedurally generated text adventures. The clues to solving the puzzles in these text adventures are all common sense for a qualified patriotic citizen. The goal of this experiment is to test whether players can use their patriotic knowledge comprehensively to solve complicated problems.