A series of dystopian web games with AI

Chuang Xie + Rachel Wang
Class: Thesis I - 2019
Instructor:  Mitu Khandaker      Frank Lantz      Bennett Foddy    

Experiment 65536 is a series of dystopian web games created with the help of the latest AI technologies, such as speech synthesis, semantic analysis, and facial emotion recognition.

The setting is that in the near future people are getting fanatical about participating in experiments to keep themselves on the right track within the regulations. Taking experiments has become the end rather than the means.

The first experiment, experiment 65536, is based on semantics AI. Players are asked to type in the semantically closest word based on what they see. For example, when you see a Hamburger, you should type in ‘Hungry’ or ‘KFC’. Judging by appearance, it seems to be an educational typing game.
But as the game goes on, players will encounter the word ‘404’. The AI will instruct the player to relate ‘404’ as ‘bad’, and eventually turn this experiment into an incremental game. Everything will be converted into ‘404’ without further thinking.

The second experiment, experiment 65537, is focused on facial emotion recognition. Players are required to respond to made-up newspapers with ‘correct’ expressions through the webcam. The climax moment is when the players are “accidentally” presented with a real newspaper of the day.
They will be told to cover their eyes to pretend they didn’t see it, and then label the real newspapers as Fake News, Nasty, Embarrassment to Journalism, and so on. In the end, players will be gradually deprived of the privilege of thinking. Everything will be automatically handled by the AI.

We highly recommend using Chrome. For the purpose of better conducting our experiments, we need your camera permission. We will not keep players’ personal cam data on our backend server or anywhere. All the cam data is stored locally.

Experiment 65536:
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=1-0   Trailer
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=1-1   Tutorial
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=1-2   Advanced
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=1-3   Twist
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=1-Paper   Weird stuff
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=1-4  Final climax

Experiment 65537:
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=2-0  Trailer
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=2-1  Tutorial
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=2-2  Advanced
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=2-Paper   Weird stuff
https://exp.thankcreate.com/?level=2-3  Final climax