Welcome to the game, Warchief!

Carl Farra

You have been granted a plot of land on which to build your Kingdom. But, beware the marauders of rivaling Kingdoms — Defend your castle! 

In Fog of War, players fight for dominance on a large virtual grid. The goal for players is to conquer as many opponents’ castles as possible while at the same time protecting their own. Every day, all players send the moderators the coordinates of their units’ movement. 24 hours later, the moderators send everyone an update on the state of the grid, through a forum: where units are, which ones have fallen, if a castle has been taken, etc.


At the start of each day, a new event shakes the game up. These include giving the players all new unit types that behave differently, or sending them the location of treasure maps and powerful weapons that may give them an advantage.



This game was created for Big Games class with Greg Trefry. It was a collaboration between myself and three students from ITP. The art was found in a google search and is for prototype purposes only.