One thing is inevitable - your body will break down

Class: Thesis I - 2018
Instructor:  Frank Lantz    

Game Trailer

Video games often offer us the opportunity to possess heroic bodies, athletic figures with superhuman prowess. We can jump further, slash harder and sometimes even run infinitely without getting tired. Time and experience only make us even more buff, as we max out our skill trees to become unstoppable physical forces. These bodies do not get sick, do not age, do not get arthritis or carpal tunnel. They allow us an escape from the vulnerability of our human bodies.

That is not this game. Fragile Bodies is a short poetic game about mortality. You play as a faceless character with a porcelain body. With every step across the harsh abrasive terrain you suffer hairline fractures, leading to the loss of your limbs, which shatter to the ground, piece by piece.

Just like in real life, the eventual breakdown of your body is inevitable. So the question becomes, what will you do with the limited time you have? The broken remains of the players who walked these paths before you will guide you, and perhaps you will find the baby lost in the center of the labyrinth, and guide it in turn.