a collection of vegetable-costume games


Garden Games is a set of three alt-control costume games where you become a vegetable. It includes carrots and daikon in Root Juice, a pea pod in Peas Please, and an onion in Onion Dance.

The vegetable costumes bring out an awkward physicality and pushes the social performative aspect of the accompanying games. This encourages touch, interaction, and exploration. Players get creative with their bodies and have fun getting intimate with their new vegetable appendages.

In each game, you get up close and personal with your new vegetable body in order to play the game and be the best vegetable.

In Root Juice, players wear tall daikon and carrot hats and must wrestle with their new height as they pop up to blend the perfect juice.

In Peas Please, the player wears a pea pod and must explore its depths to launch as many peas as possible.

In Onion Dance, the player starts as a measly onion bulb and must reach out to grow layers and become an onion worth eating.