The first-ever couch co-op game where the couch is the controller.

Carol Mertz + Francesca Carletto-Leon
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy    

“HELLCOUCH: A Couch Co-op Game” subverts the idea of “couch co-op” local multiplayer video games by cutting out the video part of the game, moving the entire experience onto the couch itself. LED lights and audio serve as multimedia feedback as players interact with the couch cushions, which act as the game’s controller. “HELLCOUCH: A Couch Co-op Game” plays with the way we interact with each other on couches, in video games, and in public spaces, challenging the implicit rules of these social spaces in order to create a silly, unexpected experience for players and spectators alike. Built using Unity and Arduino, this cooperative alternative controller game will keep you on your toes AND your tail.

Created by Carol Mertz & Francesca Carletto-Leon, MFAs 2019.