A hacking board game, in which players play as unique characters to take control over the cyber hex city.



HEX is a three player strategy game where the players choose from five different
cybernetic or robotic characters to aid you in your goal of hacking into the Central Processing
Node of the Global Network. Each player controls 2 Bit pieces that must get to the central
network. They must both be at the center for the player to win. Each character has different stats
and specialties that appeal to different playstyles, like higher offense/hacking stat or a higher
defense stat. The starting stats of the player depends on which character they choose.

NYX – Character illustrated by Chenke Hu, designed by Koken Ishii, Background is modified placeholder image.

Each character also has different skills. One of these skills can be used each turn. The other skills can
be used only when the player rolls the required numbers. Each turn, players must decide how to
distribute their dice between offense, defense, movement, and skills, seeking their ultimate goal
while at the same time protecting themselves from being hacked by other players.
The purpose of hacking is to set back the other players. When a player is hacked, they
must move their Bit piece back to the last checkpoint even if it is on the space closest to the
center. This is a race to the center, so moving the opponents back is a good plan, especially when
they already have a piece close to the center. The player that gets both their pieces to the middle
space wins.

E-12 – Character illustrated by Hannah Wang, designed by Koken Ishii, Background is modified placeholder image.





Hexagonal Game Board
2 Dynamic Firewalls of each color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Red-Black, Silver-Gold)
5 six-sided dice of each color
2 Bits (Movement pieces)
6 Slider pieces (3 for each Firewall)


1. Choose a character and take all the pieces and 5 dice that correspond to that character
2. **Place the 5 white dice on the corresponding locations on the map. The number shown
on top of the dice will be the “base defense” of each location.


1. Turn Order: Yellow-Black, Red-Black, Red-White, Blue-White, Silver Gold.
2. During each turn:
1) Each player starts by attaching their own dynamic firewalls on opposite sides of
the game board.
2) Each player is passed their corresponding abilities, which they can use after
rolling all five dice at the start of their turn.
3) The ‘Bits’ move one space towards the middle of the board when the player rolls
two of the same number.
4) The player can also choose to use their rolls to either raise their own dynamic
firewall to the number on the die (defense) or choose to reduce the numbers on
other player’s dynamic firewall (attacking). To successfully reduce an opponent’s
firewall, the player must choose dice that are greater or equal to the firewall (up to
three), adjacent to the player’s dynamic firewall.
5) After successfully reducing all the dynamic firewalls to zero, in order for a
player to reset an opponent’s progress, they must destroy the opponent’s
base defense (3) the next turn.
6) After the player has moved three spaces their progress is ‘autosaved’, even if
their firewalls and base defense have been defeated, they need only move back to
the most recent previous save point (the other save point is at 6 moves in).