Hideaway is an exploration-based 2D platformer set in an overgrown post-human world.

Explore the surface, discover what was left behind, and retrieve sentimental items for animals living in an underground community.

Ricardo Escobar + Jin-Young Sohn + qy595 + Whalex + Mary Georgescu

Creative challenges we were trying to answer with Hideaway:

  • How can a game make a post-apocalyptic scenario seem peaceful, pleasant, and hopeful?
  • How can we make an enjoyable game that has therapeutic/educational power?
  • Can an existential game make the player feel relaxed or calm rather than anxious or stressed?


Ricardo Escobar – Programming, Level Design

Mary Georgescu – Level Design, Audio, Art

Sicheng Hu – Programming, Level Design

Jin-Young Sohn – Producer, Level Design

Qin Yin – Art, Animation