Zeppelins, bets, and terrible decks

Hot Air is a collectible card game where you build a deck of absolutely terrible cards, and then give it to your opponent while they do the same. Use the cards to customize your zeppelin and race your opponent through treacherous terrain.

Carl Farra + Brian Kang + Jonathan Moormann + Kailin Zhu + Ben Poland + Jing

You are the greatest Zeppelin Captain in all Terminia. An icon of your generation. A role model for children everywhere. A star. A –

“Hold your tongue! I’M the greatest Zeppelin racer ever!”

Wait, who said that?

“You’re a sham!”

“And you’re a fraud!”

“I wager that I can defeat you in a race even if you give me the worst crew possible!”

“I accept your challenge! And you may do the same for me.”

“I’ll see you in the air…”

So begins Hot Air, a collectible card game where you race your opponent using decks that you have constructed for each other. First to finish 2 maps wins!