Bienvenue a Paris!

Class: Game Design II - 2020

The interactive narrative adventure game Le Bout de Moi (The End of Me) for Intermediate Game Design!

Le Bout de Moi is a small sequel to the movie A Bout de Souffle (Breathless), a French film from the 1960s. The game follows Carl Zumabch, a member of the criminal underworld. His goal is to find out what happened to his friend Michael Poiccard while watching the destruction of Paris’s criminal underground.

The gameplay is simple. The player reads a short snippet of the story, then chooses the path they would like to take. The choices they make will affect the ending they receive. With eight different endings, the player can replay the game multiple times to see how their decision affects Carl’s journey.

This is one of the first digital games I made with another classmate, Masaya Heywood. Although the movie it’s based on did confuse me a bit,  it was fun to make a game with someone who was just as confused about it! We bounced ideas off of each other until the story for this game bloomed one afternoon! Soon, we made a world bible for the game and started writing up the story in Twine! The game took us six days to make while it took us two days to complete the world bible. The overall time to reach one ending is about 15 minutes. The playtime is about 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes if you’re interested in getting all the endings.