a radically-casual "unconference" about games

Lost Levels is a radically-casual "unconference" picnic about games and play that aims to be hyper-inclusive: it is free, and anyone can run a session. Coming to a GDC near you!

Toni Pizza
Class: Thesis I - 2014
Instructor:  Dylan McKenzie    
 Frank Lantz    

……………Lost Levels 2014……………
Yerba Buena Gardens (San Francisco)
\\\\\\\\\\\\March 20///////////////
[                  Featuring talks on                 ]
—the problem w/cooperative games—
—how to start your own game jam—
—dismantling sexual normativity—
—cool geometry fan club—
—train jam:postmortem—
—breathing: the game—
—aikido and games—
—100s of other talks by 100s of other humans–


(collaborators: Mattie Brice, Harry Lee, Ian Snyder & Robert Yang)