A flight for your life!

seth s scott + Burgess Voshell + Tom Sarachan + Zijian "Zed" Zhou + Sean Heron + ChristopherChung

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Nosedive is an altitude-driven tactical movement game with an unusual twist: you draw your moves right onto the board.

Nosedive exists at the intersection of strategy and art. Players maneuver through the skies by drawing the location and movement of their planes straight onto the board. At the end of the game they have created a permanent record of their game, which they can both review for its tactical lessons and enjoy as an aesthetically appealing record of play.


Explore to win and upgrade your plane. Climb to fly over mountains, and swoop through dangerous valleys.

Nosedive (11 of 12)With Nosedive the team set out to meet some of the challenges that confront games of maneuver available on the market today. The final product achieved that goal, and is unique both mechanically and as a player experience. Having players draw their actions ensures that there is always a perfect record of the game state; players can stop and restart at will, and there is never a dispute about the exact starting or ending point of a move. In addition, the very act of drawing is easy, fun, and welcoming for those new to strategy games.

Nosedive has been positively received by playtesters, those new to the tactical maneuver genre, experienced wargamers, and industry veterans.