Where shape is the meaning.

Semantic Satiation tries to tackle the relation between shapes and meanings in pictographs as a symbol system. Every sprite in this metroid-vania game serves not only the signifier, but also the hints and clues to continue the game.

Zijian "Zed" Zhou

Semantic Satiation is a short metroid-vania game with novel visual representation of using Chinese characters as sprites, functioning both as visual signifier and information carrier.

Game is a system of symbol, as well as the written language that we are using. We try to decipher from different combination of symbols to obtain the information beneath the text, and guide our future actions. In this way, both playing and reading are the practice of learning through the realm of symbols.

This is a short experiment, aiming to present the similar structure of language and game, in an essential way that people with little language knowledge would appreciate.

You can download the game here.