Aggressively simple competitive action.

Angela Lee + Alexander Bevier

Square Off is the culminating project of Studio 1, where I was designing a game while learning Unity. After a three week prototype, I decided to keep working on the project as my final, but Angela Lee joined the project to help out with animation and visual design. Much of what became of the project was from Angela’s work.

Square Off is a quick competitive game. where two (or four) players try to move their characters as fast as possible around the map, gathering territory. Players can take over their opponent’s territory by moving over their spots. However, they can¬†losSquare Offe points by moving over spaces of their color. The game takes place in three ten-second rounds. Whoever gets the most points wins.

The game was fascinating to make, but watching people play has been a great experience. Having players move two separate characters requires them to learn simple, but hard to understand controls. Giving them three rounds to figure it out, alongside an interactive opening screen, helps them learn how to control the game in a fluid way. Once they do know how to play, many want to play again. It’s been satisfying as a designer to see people bringing people over to try playing my work.