Boom! Boom! Boom! Fire to your Opponent!

Gordon Lee

TankField is a Tank Fight game for Two-Player on Web, Windows PC and Mac. The object of each player is defeating your opponent and protect yourself.

TankField is a game concept that I’ve learned from Unity3D official tutorial Tanks! From this tutorial, I’ve learned how to make a local Two-Player game and Game Object Movement for each player. Here is my result of learning and studying. I’m so happy to share with whom visit my page.

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How to Play the Game

This game is designed for 2 players for playing at the same time on one device.

Allies Player: WASD to move and rotate, Press or hold Space to Fire.

Axis Player: Arrow Keys to move and rotate. Press or hold Enter(Return) to Fire.

The power of cannon depends on how long the player hold fire key.

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