Players are telling the story of a great quest, with the ability to change the story naturally as you tell it.

IndieStatik: "Ushering you through the traditional three trials of a hero isn’t a completely novel idea. The trope is commonly seen in adventure games, but Telling uses it as a way to decide what exactly your trial will be. As you progress through the story, you’re offered different choices that range from how many men you’ll be facing to the paint-splattered backdrop you’ll be walking on. It’s impossible to die, despite the dire straits you generally find yourself in. I appreciated not having to repeat each sequence over and over, because the best part of Telling is experiencing some of the inventive designs they mishmash together. I particularly recommend checking out the gargantuan steampunk demons reminiscent of Howl’s Moving Castle near the end."

James Marion + Winnie Song + chargeorge