Queer Christmas Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Elyse Lemoine

Play the Game here.

“It’s Christmas Eve and you’re sitting in your childhood bedroom, still wearing the heavy scarf and coat you came in with. At the foot of the bed is your carry-on, loaded with just enough clothes to last you through the few days of your Christmas holiday. This is the first time you’ve spent Christmas with your parents in a long time; the last four had been spent with your partner of six years. This year, however, you find yourself single and still feeling the pain of your recent break-up…”

The Family Ghost is a ChoiceScript game about being queer, going home for Christmas, and all of the struggles that come with dealing with family.  You play a young twenty-nine year old sous chef named Sawyer Anne McLeod, whose parents love her, but don’t necessarily understand her.  Navigate a family Christmas Eve dinner while making choices and experiencing the outcomes.  Will you make the best of a strained but familiar situation, or will Christmas end in tears and anger?

Done in 3 weeks (February 2014) for Narrative Game Studio at the NYU Game Center using ChoiceScript.  This is a single player choose your own adventure game that can be played in 15 – 20 minutes.  Needs an internet connection and a web browser to play.  (Chrome and Firefox preferred.)