A collection of hard quick-restart action games with new mechanics and control schemes.

Ilya Zarembsky

The Splits is a collection of action games that has grown out of my longtime interest in experimenting with new action mechanics and control schemes. All of the games require players to directly and separately control multiple avatars.

In Over Easy, for example, players simultaneously control two circles, one inside the other, with the two analog sticks.

over easy


In Fignermukcre, players must shift three avatars left and right to avoid threats and collect points. Which buttons move which avatars, however, depends on the avatars’ relative position at the moment of input.



And in No Pressure, the left analog stick controls a firing platform while the right analog stick controls the platform’s targeting reticle, itself a vulnerable avatar in the playfield.

no pressure

A clean and simple visual style, a deliberate absence of tutorials, and uncompromising difficulty further unite these games and the others in the collection.

Try two of the games right now! :

Fignermukcre on itch.io

Fignermukcre in browser

Over Easy on itch.io