Lead your armies, deceive your opponents.

Jonathan Moormann + Wyatt Yeong + Jingjin + Jing

The Gods are fickle, reckless creatures who treat mortals as mere pawns in their games. You and your opponent are two such deities, settling a dispute amongst yourselves using the armies of men loyal to your cause. Victory may go to the God who commands their troops most wisely, but it may also go to the one who tricks their opponents into failure.

The Wars of Mortals is a micro war game where both players use identical eight-card decks to command their troops and conquer the most territory. Each card has two effects, one for each player – but you decide which command is yours and which is your opponent’s. Playing well is about maximizing the effectiveness of your orders while minimizing your opponents’, and the winner is determined by which player controls the most valuable territories at the end of the game.