Shelley Chen + Kevin Zeng


You play as a Scandinavian girl – Bunzu, who adventures in the frozen, snowy mountains to find her true self by learning and collecting the mysterious ancient runes given to her by the animals and found on ruins. The core puzzles of the game are formed from an assortment of unique symbols, when you successfully solve the puzzles, the mountain’s spirit will lead you to your goal.

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The player has to solve puzzles in the form of questions that the ruined gates provide. The player has to interact with the magical animals, ruins, and rocks to get the correct answer. The words themselves contain their own meanings and form a new language. Left clicking moves the character around, and when you right click on the characters player will see a radial menu that shows the vocabulary that Bunzu has “learned” or the words that can answer the questions that the ruins ask the player.


Bunzu’s design represents aliveness in a deadly-cold and snowy mountain. I used the bright red to symbolize this sense of life. I also want to give the audience a feeling that they are on their own in this adventure. The tough looking expressions on Bunzu’s face show her determined attitude.


The game is located in a mysterious frozen mountain range in the far north which is full of magical creatures and ruins. The story takes place on a cloudy day after a blizzard and a light snow continues to fall.