Cyborg Buddhism machinery

Mao Yifan


Unholy Ghost Eulogy is an artistic concept that constructs a dystopia world in an alternate future where religion becomes the tool for control and totalitarianism. And androids looking similar to religious figures are manufactured.

These androids are divided into four categories:

God(statues or machines based on the figure of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas), Disciples(previously ordinary people who were willingly biologically modified into machines), Sinner(victims of Duḥkhas) and False God(Gods of viciousness)

Considering my background as Chinese, I am trying to embrace some of my roots and the legacy of my culture. Buddhism is a significant part of my identity, even though I am not converted into any religion, the beliefs and doctrines of Chinese Buddhism have been part of who I am and how I behave myself. All these androids and certain concepts are based on multiple religious figures in Chinese Buddhism, for instance, the eight major Duḥkhas Buddhism people will experience in their lives.


The series is still getting updated as I am working on more models and renders to expand this concept.

The overall aesthetic I intend to achieve is something in between creature, hard-surface mecha, and religious statues. I want the model to feel almost like they are alive, something more than just machines, something wicked is hidden underneath the mechanical parts, and are already getting out of control.