The theme of the Fallcraft Map Jam is ‘DESTRUCTIBLE ROCKS’!  Submissions are open until 5PM, the winning maps will make the best and most creative use the the theme, and will be awarded Heart of the Swarm beta keys.  Join us on the CSL stream throughout the day for updates. Good luck!

To submit your map, email us the map file at  If the file is too large, email us and we will add you to our dropbox.  If you have any questions, let us know!


Time to buff the scratches out of your Siege Tanks, the NYU Game Center’s FallCraft returns for its second year on October 27th. A day long event celebrating one of the greatest eSports in the world, FallCraft will feature exhibition matches between the NYU and Columbia’s collegiate Starcraft teams, a panel on the present and future of electronic sports, as well as a day long Map Jam!

10am – 11am Map Jam Workshop
11am – 6pm Map Jam & Judging
7pm – 815pm eSports Panel
830pm – 10pm NYU vs Columbia

The event will be held on the 9th floor of 721 Broadway.

RSVP for the event here!  Online participants welcome for the map jam!

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Map Jam
Organized like a short game jam, the Fallcraft Map Jam will start in the morning with the reveal of a theme. The theme might be as specific as ‘islands’ or as general ‘low resources’. Participants will then have 5 hours to quickly create from scratch a competitive 1v1 map that fits with the theme of the Jam. At the end of the Jam the submitted maps will be judged by our invited pro and the captains of our two collegiate teams and the creators of the three best maps will receive some excellent prizes including a beta key to Heart of the Swarm for first prize!  The three best maps will be played during the Exhibition matches later than day.

Some things to keep in mind if you’re going to be part of the Map Jam:
– Online participants are welcome.
– It doesn’t have to be pretty. It just has to work.
– Judges are looking at how good the map is, but also how well it fits the theme.
– Have fun and be creative!

eSports Panel
Following the Map Jam NYU will host a panel to discuss the present and future of eSports and Starcraft 2 in particular. Participating in the panel will be:
– Writer and critic Simon Ferrari
– Pro SC2 player Nick ‘Axslav’ Ranish
– Team Liquid’s Ken ‘HotBid’ Chen

After each speaker gives a short talk they’ll all sit down for a conversation moderated by Game Center Professor Charles Pratt, as well as taking questions from the audience.

The Battle for Manhattan
The day will end with a team battle between NYU and Columbia’s Collegiate Starleague teams. These matches will take place not only on standard competitive maps, but also on the three maps selected by the judges from the Map Jam earlier in the day. After one team has emerged triumphant they’ll be given a chance to take on Nick ‘Axslav’ Ranish, the visiting pro.

We welcome participants of all types at FallCraft- whether you’re casually interested in the game or in the Grand Master’s league, join us for a celebration of Starcraft 2!  RSVP here!