BFA Application

We are seeking creative, ambitious, talented and passionate students for our BFA.  To apply to the NYU Game Center MFA in the Tisch School of the Arts, you must apply to NYU and provide additional creative materials detailed below.

New incoming freshmen, sophomore and junior transfers from other colleges and universities, and internal NYU student from other majors are all welcome to apply.

This year only, the Game Center is accepting applications for internal NYU transfers to begin the Game Design Major in January 2015.


Common Application

For admission to NYU, all first year and transfer applicants must complete the Common Application online, which includes a Writing Supplement.

Application Fee

The NYU Common Application includes a non-refundable application fee. Students who are unable to pay the application fee must request a fee waiver.

Submitting the Common Application

Both your Common Application and your Writing Supplement (as well as your application fee or fee waiver request) must be successfully submitted together in advance of the application deadline for you to be eligible for admission.


Early decision I: November 1, 2014

Early decision II: January 1, 2015

Regular admission: January 1, 2015

External transfer deadline: April 1, 2015

For more information about NYU’s application process visit the Undergraduate Admissions page.


Internal Applicants

Students within Tisch that would like to change their major to Game Design will use the form found here: Internal Transfer Application (pdf)

Students applying from other schools at NYU (CAS, Gallatin, Steinhardt, etc) will apply via Albert, and using Slideroom for the additional requirements below.  To apply, complete the internal transfer application found in Albert, before clicking on the Student Center.  Students transferring into the Game Design BFA will be able to transfer up to 56 credits of non-Tisch courses.  Students in their Junior Year should speak to the Game Center advisers regarding their credits.


Spring 2015 transfer: November 1, 2014

Fall 2015 transfer: March 1, 2015

For more information about transferring from within NYU, click here.


Additional Requirements

In addition to the common application, the NYU Game Center requires a creative portfolio.  All portfolios are submitted digitally via There is a $10 submission fee through Slideroom. Late portfolios will not be accepted. 

The two components of the creative portfolio are:

A 1-2 page personal statement.  Your personal statement should tell us about your reasons for wanting to come to the NYU Game Center, why you want to make games, what excites you most about games and game design.

A creative project OR critical analysis of a game

  • A creative project could be: a game you’ve made (digital or non-digital), a computer program you’ve written, a film you created, a piece of music, a creative writing sample, a portfolio of artwork, visual design, sculptures, photography or other creative pieces.  We are looking for your talent and creativity in whichever medium you choose, so choose an example that you think best shows off your strengths and ideas.

If a project is a digital game or software application: Detailed instructions for installation and interaction, including platform requirements, must be included. You will not be able to upload any game files, so please provide a link to your online game or downloadable game files, and include the link in your design statement.

If a project is a board game, performance, game event, or other physical project: Include detailed documentation of the project, such as photographs, a short video, script, rules of play, etc.

If a project is a visual artwork or series: Include detailed visual documentation of the project (3 – 5 images and/or up to 5 minutes of video).

If a project is a video: You may upload the video directly to Slideroom or as well as a link to the video itself.  Be sure that the link does not require a special login.

If a project is a written paper or essay: Please upload the paper itself in PDF format. Include at the start an abstract or summary of the essay.

If a project is a website or other online-accessible project: A link to the online project is sufficient.

If your project does not fit into any of these categories and you do not know how best to submit or document the project, contact the Game Center at directly for advice.

  • If you do not submit a creative project you may submit a 1 page critical analysis of a game that you know deeply.   It should be a thoughtful and insightful analysis of one or more aspects of the game. We are not looking for a description of the game but instead you should demonstrate some insight into how the game works.

If you have questions about the creative portfolio please email us at

Good luck!