PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail

PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail is the NYU Game Center’s annual professional game design conference that brings together videogame designers, board and card game designers, designers of sports and LARPs, and more to discuss the details of our shared game design practice.

PRACTICE is not about the business, technology, or educational potential of games – it is tightly focused on game design in and of itself. The conference features in-depth case study talks where designers unpack the systems of the games they designed. We also pack in lots of time for discussion and debate, such as our Open Problems session, where attendees present prototypes and design problems and get advice from the assembled experts.

PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail takes place over three days in in November each fall. PRACTICE features speakers from all across the game industry and design disciplines, including Jonathan Blow, Holly Gramazio, Jake Elliot & Tamas Kemenczy, Chris Avellone, Itay Keren, Emily Short, and more. For more information and registration for PRACTICE 2016, visit the 2016 site.

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