Welcome to the our ongoing series of profiles of NYU Game Center alumni. Our graduates take varied and interesting routes into professional game-making; in these profiles we find out how those careers got started, and how they’re evolving. You can check out other profiles in the series here.

Career path: Fiction Writer -> GDC Conference Associate (3 Years) -> Game Center MFA -> Production Internship at IndieCade -> Design Internship at Ironwall Games -> IndieCade Tech Director -> SCE Bend Studio, Narrative Designer

How did you get your foot in the door?

I first got my foot in the door through the Game Developer’s Conference. Back when I was considering moving from Forensic Anthropology and Paleontology to Game Development, I applied to be a Conference Associate and was accepted. This opportunity allowed me to meet a lot of encouraging and supportive people in the industry, who helped shape my career as a game developer (and provide me with self-confidence). I was lucky to have these wonderful industry friends who were willing to pass along my resume, which helped me get hired.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working as a writer/narrative designer at SCE Bend Studio, on an unannounced PS4 project.

How did you get hired at SCE Bend?

It was a combination of things that helped: my experience as a writer (prior to Game Center), my experience as a game designer, and my meaty portfolio, built over the two years that I spent at Game Center. My body of work was impressive and showcased my skill set, but ultimately, it was my skill as a writer and narrative designer that got me my job.

Are there things you learned at the Game Center that you use in your current work?

Even though I’m a full-time narrative designer, I still work on a few other things, like design and audio. My intention of going to the Game Center was getting the chance to learn about Game Development – not just design – and gain as many skills in other areas of development as possible. So I’m now able to put that knowledge to good use and be an even bigger asset to my team.

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