Interested in playing fun and interesting indie games while enjoying live music and gaining a little bit of gaming knowledge all at the same time? We thought so!

Clear your schedule this Saturday, October 2nd, because Babycastles will be hosting an exhibition of indie games by the Copenhagen Game Collective.  Located at the Silent Barn in Ridgewood, Queens, Babycastles is a curated gallery which showcases independently developed games. The games featured at this exhibition range from physically-oriented video games, environmetally-oriented video games, breaking taboos in gaming, and to a hilarious discussion based card game.

To kick off the event, the Game Center’s Director, Frank Lantz, and NYU Poly-Tech Social Game Lab’s Katherine Isbister will present some interesting Game Talks.

Following the talks Knife City, from the band Anamanaguchi, will start up the party with some live music and the showcasing of games will begin.

The event costs only $5 and begins at 7pm at The Silent Barn so be sure to come by for an excellent night.