Sometimes things don't work and here is why.

Class: Thesis I - 2019
Instructor:  Frank Lantz    


Artistic Statement

OLU is a casual style game with warm and retro art style. We decided to make the game on the mobile platform because we want players to feel like they are holding the object in their hands and interact directly with their fingers. Our first inspiration comes from an image of an ATM machine on the Internet, where there is actually a person sitting inside the ATM machine taking people’s card and giving cash back to them.Starting from this micro view, we decided to make a game explaining why some tools in our real life like keyhole, alarm clock sometimes works and sometimes not. After that, we begin to think about what makes our game stands out. After a few rounds of discussion and research, we agree on that these little creature, now named OLU, are the core of our game and we should try our best to design these creatures. In addition, we also believe that for each level we need to design a new device with its own unique theme and set of art assets. These are the two most significant decisions throughout the entire project. Because of these decisions, we spend a lot of effort working on the character design to bring them alive as well as the level design. Eventually, we managed to create these little mischievous OLUs and five elegant levels, and the name of the game is because OLU looks like the face of these creatures.

To Try Our Demo

Currently, our game is only on iOS. If you want to play the game, please using the TestFlight link provided below:

Additional Screenshot