This year our Global Game Jam site here at the NYU Game Center had over one hundred game makers and made forty-three games! The 2018 theme was transmission, and below are the award winners from our site selected by a committee of NYU Game Center faculty and local developers.


Winner: A.I.D.E by Aleksei Waddington, Audrey Vidamo, and Calvin So
Nominees: A.I.D.E., Pestil by Wyatt Yeong, This Mess by Easton Self, Kai Chuan, and Synchrony by Lucy Ungaro, Kirsten Sugar, David Wallin, Becky Benett

Winner: Delay Chess by Clint Levijoki Barry Kantro
Nominees: Delay Chess, Miscommunication by Douglas Patz, Jarqir Ratlift, Pestil by Wyatt Yeong, and This Mess by Easton Self, Kai Chuan

Winner: A Signal in Snowfall by Michael Fegreus, Harry Rabinowitz, Emi Schaufield, Corinne Stein, Courtney Sanders, Balint Sule, Andy Bow
Nominees: A Signal in Snowfall, Strong Signal by Chris Makris, A.I.D.E.

Winner: Chicken Coop by Chicken Preservation Society
Nominees: Chicken Coop, Plant 9 from Outer Space by Ben Steers, Abe Gellis, Steve Ucho, Gsha C., Quadruple A by CS Wallace, Nick Maddalena, Lizelle Serrano, Signal in Snowfall

Winner: Lots of Love by Stacey Polishook, Stephenie Futch, Gyda Arber, Conan Magee
Nominees: Lots of Love, Inner Planets by Dave Eng

Winner: This Mess by Easton Self, Kai Chuan
Nominees: This Mess, Quadruple A, Gravitas, Dr. Dinosaur/Dr. Sandwich by Blake Andrews, Emily Koonce, Flan Falacci, Charles Huang

Play the award winners this Thursday at Playtest Thursday from 5-7PM here on our floor before Austin Walker’s Lecture!

The judging committee was Frank Lantz, Bennett Foddy, Charles Pratt, Clara Fernandez-Vara, Matt Weisse, Stephen Lawrence Clark, Alexander King, Noca Wu, Owen Bell, Greg Heffernan, and Adnan Agha.

Check out more games from our Global Game Jam site here.

Below are photos from Sunday evening’s exhibition and awards to close out the jam!