Semester(s) Offered: Fall
Credits: 4
Course Call Number: GAMES-UT 500, GAMES-GT 500
Prerequisite(s): None
Taught By: Toni Pizza / Eric Zimmerman

Game design is a professional discipline that can lead to many careers. This course provides studnets with an overview of the professional possibilities of being a game designer in the real world, including resume and portfolio preparation, finding and applying for jobs, and consideration of different kinds of careers, both in and outside of the game industry.

The main purpose of this class is to expose students to a wide variety of career options. We’ll do that mostly through guest speakers sharing their experiences entering the workplace. Along the way, we will gain a concrete understanding of how the game industry works from the point of view of charting a professional life after school.

Upon completion of this course, the student will:
1) Gain a broad understanding of a range of career paths and professional possibilities that await you after graduation.
2) Become familiar with the journeys that other professionals have taken and relate these experiences to your own.
3) Through the course presentations and discussions, acquire a general understanding of the games industry, as well as related fields where game design skills will apply.
4) Develop a career plan that outlines your own strategic approach to finding a career after graduation.
5) Create related professional materials, including a resume and portfolio.