We’re thrilled to announce the public debut of the NYU Game Center Incubator 2021 cohort! On Thursday, April 21, join us for a streaming showcase where each of the Incubator developers will be interviewed about their game, progress, and process by their game’s Executive Producer! The show will also feature live gameplay, trailers, and more exclusive links and looks at the games. Learn about these games’ unique paths through the first ever 12 month 2021 Incubator and what’s next for each of these incredible projects! 

The 2021 Incubator Showcase


Gil Lawson
Interviewed by Executive Producer Aaron Freeman

Our futures are rotting. The fabric of our time is disintegrating. The world is being torn apart by violent growth.

Scuttle through the desert. Nurture the pylons. Be a friend. Take a good look. Not long now.

Play Dreg here.


Bird Town
Danny Hawk, Michelle Bao
Interviewed by Executive Producer Victoria Setian

Bird Town is a comedy exploration adventure game where you play a bird named Margo, returning home to the end of her hometown’s summer festival. Each playthrough changes dramatically based on who you talk to and what you do, whether it’s getting into hijinks or talking with neighbors, going on bite sized adventures, or taking a nap.

Follow Bird Town here.


Gayatri’s Fall
Krishan and Viji Rajaratnam
Interviewed by Executive Producer RJ Reyes

When all your thoughts fade away, what’s left behind? Embark on an evocative meditation-adventure inside the mind of a young girl suffering from a life-threatening injury. Channel your emotions to travel between ephemeral free-floating thoughts and the solid ground of concrete memories. Reflect on life as she fights against death.

Play a demo of Gayatri’s Fall here.


Nainai’s Recipe
Fan Fang, Mai Hou
Interviewed by Executive Producer Amy Fincher

Open your fridge, choose the ingredients, examine, chop, seasoning, heat, and taste them. During the lockdown, you start to learn how to cook from your dear grandma.

Play a demo of Nainai’s Receipe here. Follow Nainai’s Recipe here: @NainaiRecipe


Spencer Bernstein, Sammy Chaung, Parker Crandell, Martin Nayeri, Emi Schaufeld, Rowan Wood
Interviewed by Executive Producer Margaret Robertson

Rewilding is a first-person ecology simulation about our tenuous relationship with nature and how it’s bound to change in the future. Players step into the boots of Syd, a loner botanist, and enlist in a 200- year wasteland reforestation mission that will redefine their understanding of human habitat.

Visit the Rewilding site here. Follow Rewilding here: @heavymeadow_

About the Incubator

The NYU Game Center Incubator is an annual program that gives time and resources to help promising new games build toward commercial release. Alumni from the NYU Game Center Incubator have gone on to secure publishing deals, release App Store hits, fund successful Kickstarters, and include titles like Softbody, Ape Out, Airplane Mode, We Should Talk., and many, many more. 

Applications for the 2022 NYU Game Center Incubator will be announced and open soon. Developers interested in participating in the 2022 Incubator are highly encouraged to check-out the 2021 Showcase! 

The Incubator Showcase is free, open to the public, and happening entirely online. No RSVP necessary! 

The NYU Game Center would like to thank our event sponsors: Fresh Planet, Take-Two Interactive, Dots, and Empire State Development. Their generous support makes our events possible.