The ESA Foundation has announced it’s 2021-2022 awardees for their annual scholarships! Annual scholarships are awarded to 31 women, minority and LGBTQ+ college students who, emerging from a pandemic, are eager to create video games and content reflecting their lives.

This year, the ESA selected 4 students from NYU, 3 from the NYU Game Center for their prestigious scholarship, and you can watch video introductions on each of our scholars below. Congratulations to the awardees! We’re excited to see the incredible things they continue to make at the NYU Game Center.

In addition to the ESA Foundation Scholarship, BFA Geneva Heyward has also been awarded the ESA LGBTQ+ Service Scholars Co-Awarded With Gay Gaming Professionals. ESA spoke with Geneva back in 2019 about their work showcasing marginalized people in video games as dynamic characters, and they are featured here in this Scholars Spotlight.

Darcelis Gutierrez

Geneva Heyward

Jada Rozier-Williams