nyu game Center incubator showcase

On behalf of the developers of Swordswallower, SKIN, Nothing to See Here!, and AiliA, you are invited to the 2020 NYU Game Center Incubator Showcase!

This year’s games will debut on September 3rd at 8PM EST, live on twitch.tv/nyugamecenter!

Be among the first to see the latest games from our scene, hear how each team approached the challenge of making a commercial game, and learn how you can be a part of their game development! These four amazing games will join the ranks of Incubator alumni games including Softbody, Ape Out, Airplane Mode, We Should Talk., and many, many more. At the showcase, each team will give you a whirlwind recap of their very busy summer bringing their games from polished prototype to their next stage of development. You’ll hear about publisher pitches, Kickstarter campaigns, visual art overhauls, and much more.

The 2020 Incubator Showcase is live, free, and open to the public- all you need to do is join us on Twitch starting at 8PM on 9/3.


Swordswallower is a psych-goth action metroidvania where you drag around a gigantic, 10-foot sword.

The Developers
Uti Azulay and Julia Del Matto

Twitter: @swsw_game


Kill your way back to your stolen throne as a shapeshifting hunter in a cursed world. Master bow combat, beastly transformations, and arcane spells to defeat your enemies and reclaim your forest. Practice ancient blood magic and divination rites to solve puzzles, unravel the mystery of your family, and carve a path through the darkness.

The Developers
Sarah Doukakos and Theo Doukakos

Website: kataresqueen.com
Discord: Katares Queen Games
Twitter: @TheSarahChimera

Nothing to See Here!

You are caught in a compromising situation with suspicious items. The only thing you can count on is your silver tongue. Nothing to See Here! is a creative storytelling card game where players make up stories to get themselves out of compromising situations.

The Developers
Eat Melon Studio – Mary A. Georgescu, Rachel Li, and Yuxin Gao

Newsletter: Nothing to See Here!
Twitter: Nothing to See Here!
Discord: Eat Melon Studio
Twitch: Eat Melon Studio


AiliA is a 3D perspective puzzle game where you use the reflected image of the mirror to solve puzzles.

The Developers
Runyu Zhong and Chenwei Jin

Twitter: @AiliAGame
Website: https://www.ailiagame.com

See you at the Incubator Showcase!