How to invent new game mechanics? What are truly social games? How to pick what games to make? Who not to work with? Why ever listen to advice? How to make enough money with “weird” games? How not to die (literally) by making games?

Adriaan de Jongh is a Dutch game designer best known for the finger-rubbing-game Fingle, and the more recent Bounden, a game made in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet to make two people dance, together, by holding the same phone.

Interested in unusual interaction between people and devices, his games connect people (often in a literal way) to make them play with each other’s personalities, to strengthen their relationship, or to discover each player’s social boundaries.

As an advocate of play and playfulness, Adriaan is hugely inspired by the works of Bernie DeKoven and the New Games foundation. He often organizes folk games at a weekly theatre in Amsterdam, and generally tries to cross the street though climbing rather than walking.

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