New York University is excited to announce the launch of the NYU Game Center Incubator. The incubator is a new initiative of the Game Center’s Game Design MFA program in which teams of recent graduates are given time, space, resources, and guidance to help launch successful commercial games. An advisory board of industry professionals from companies like Autodesk, Microsoft, Sony Santa Monica, and Kickstarter help provide expertise in the marketing, legal, distribution, monetization and other business issues central to finding success in the contemporary game marketplace. The Incubator is launching in pilot form and will run for 3 months starting this June with seven projects. The games were selected with the help of the advisory board from among the graduating MFA thesis projects and enter the incubator with a year’s worth of development already behind them. The incubator will give these projects an opportunity to focus on final polish and business and marketing strategy. The debut projects range across game genres from the exploratory, emotionally-driven Gemini to the experimental twin-stick action game Soft Body and the space rescue puzzle game Kaleidoscope. Additional details on the incubator can be found at