During the academic year, Game Center Live is our weekly stream featuring student showcases, special guests, critical commentary, and… mundane school announcements!!

Hosted by Professor Robert Yang, the two hour broadcast features segments like:

  • Meet A Game Center Student: What’s it like to go to the NYU Game Center? Current students tell all and show off their recent game projects.
  • Special Guests: Interviews with guests like game curator Marie Foulston, author Jesper Juul, and Game Center Artist in Residence Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan!
  • Game News with Naomi Clark and Frank Lantz: Yang, Clark, and Lantz provide candid takes on the top stories in the world of games.
  • Developer Commentary: Local NYC devs talk about recent releases – past guests include Cosmo D on The Norwood Suite and Chris Wallace on Killer Queen Black.
  • I’m Walkin’ Here!: Faculty and students just walk around in games set in New York City and tell you if there is enough parked cars on all of the streets.

Watch us broadcast live every THURSDAY noon-2 PM EST from New York City, and join us in the chat!

This event is online-only and available to the public!

You can find all past broadcasts on the NYU Game Center YouTube page here!

Watch here!