Kick-off starts on January 21, 6:00pm EST!
Join the GGJ Discord here:

Kick-off 2022 by making a new game and meeting new game makers! The NYU Game Center’s NYU Global Game Jam site is all online again this year! Join the NYU Game Center site from anywhere in the world, and bring the vibes of Brooklyn to your living room! Jam with NYU Game Center students, faculty, alumni and friends on our 2022 GGJ Discord (link to be posted soon)! More information on the jam structure and schedule below.

The Global Game Jam brings together game makers, musicians, artists, programmers, beginners, and veterans to make a game based on a shared world-wide theme in forty-eight hours. Join 280,000 other game makers from 93 countries around the world to make a game every year at the end of January!

People of all skill levels and experiences are welcome and encouraged to come jam! Even though the jam is all online, you are welcome to make all types of games, including non-digital!

Ideas that started simple at the NYU GGJ have grown into impressive, award-winning, released games! 2013 GGJ game Mushroom 11 was released on Steam, after being selected for an IGF nomination, IndieCade, and the PAX 10, among other festivals and awards. Nina Freeman and Emmett Butler’s 2014 GGJ game How do you do it? is out now, and was selected for IndieCade as well as nominated for an IGF. Not everyone makes a digital game; our site’s Best Overall Game of 2014 was a board game called Lucca, which went on to become an Official Selection at IndieCade 2014.

Check out some games made at the 2021 NYU GGJ site:

NYU Game Center Jam 2022 Schedule & Structure:

On Friday, January 21 at 6:00PM EST, we’ll kick things off with the official GGJ keynote videos and theme announcement. The announcement will take place either on Zoom or twitch, with more information to come. 

Following the kick-off, everyone will head to the NYU GGJ Discord, and start to brainstorm ideas, form teams, and make games. We’ll have channels set-up for you to share your ideas and meet new folks.

The weekend is casually structured, and you’re welcome to work at whatever pace you like, with whomever you like, using whatever tools/platforms you like.

On Sunday, January 23 at 5:00PM EST, games will be due for judging! A team of judges (comprised of NYU Game Center faculty and local indie developers) will give out a few fun awards and the award winning teams will present their games.

How do I get into the NYU Game Center Global Game Jam Discord?

We’ll post an invite link on this site and our GGJ registration page some time closer to the jam. 

If you are new to Discord, we recommend downloading it ahead of time and setting up an account:

Who can join the NYU Game Center jam site?

Anyone! Our jam site is open to the public, and you can join us from anywhere in the world. If you are under 18, you’ll need to be jamming with a guardian.

Can I come to the NYU Game Center in person and jam?

The jam is entirely online this year, the NYU Game Center will unfortunately not be open for in-person jamming. 

Do I need to be a game making expert to jam?

No! The jam is a great place to learn some new skills. You can start with a non-digital game, join a team on Friday evening, or take advantage of the suggested jam tools (posted at the start of the jam) and teach yourself something new!

What do I need to participate in the jam? Will I need to download any specific programs?

You’ll need access to internet, a computer, and Discord, but other than that you’ll be free to use whatever tools and platforms you like, including making a non-digital game.

How does making a non-digital game for an online only game jam work?

You can share your game via videos, photos, .pdfs, or online board game simulators like Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator.

I can’t attend the whole weekend! Can I come play the games on Sunday?

Yes! The showcase on Sunday is open to everyone, and you are welcome to join the Discord on Sunday evening to play what everyone made over the weekend!

Register here!