IndieCade is switching things up with nine full days of 24-hour programming for their 2020 online festival celebrating independent games, accessible from ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. NYU Game Center faculty, students, and alumni will be speaking and showing games, including a special NYU Game Center and IndieCade co-sponsored session with Eric Zimmerman (Faculty), Holly Gramazio, and Celia Pearce speaking about their work on Infinite Playground, Bernie DeKoven final book.

The festival will be filled with gameplay, exhibitions, discussions, connections and interactions, conference sessions, workshops, and more!

IndieCade is also Kickstarting the festival this year with some really cool backer rewards. Support IndieCade on Kickstarter here!

Congrats to the NYU Game Center Alumni 2020 IndieCade Nominees:

Signal Decay
Zack Zhang (MFA ’15)

Uti Azulay (BFA ’20) & Julia Del Motto (BFA ’20)

We should talk.
Kat Aguiar (MFA ’19), Nobonita Bhowmik (MFA ’19), Francesca Carletto-Leon (MFA ’19), Jordan Jones-Brewster (MFA ’19), Carol Mertz (MFA ’19), Jack Schlesinger (MFA ’19)

Zenith Junction
Dylan Nelkin (MFA ’20), Palmmy Sivarapornsakul (MFA ’20), Chapin Boyer (MFA ’20), Siddarth Govindan (MFA ’20)


And also be sure to check out Clara Fernandez-Vara (Faculty) talking about the Well Played Series on Monday, October 19 at 10:00am.

IndieCade is all online, open to the public, and has multiple ticket options that range from free to premium $155 packages.

Get tickets here!