This week we’ll be in Los Angeles, California to celebrate the 2015 IndieCade Festival! If you’re at the festival this year, stop by our booth, play games and see talks from NYU Game Center faculty, students, alumni, and staff, and join us for Playtest Sunday!


Playtest Sunday

Sunday 4-6PM, Table Game Arena
At Playtest Sunday, the genius game design minds at IndieCade come together to make your games even better. At this freeform playtesting event, play work-in-progress games by Indiecade attendees, or bring your own work and hear feedback from the community. Drop in at any time throughout the session. Bring everything you need to run your game and we’ll help you set up and find playtesters. Both digital and non-digital games welcome. Bring yourself and we’ll help you find great games to playtest. Let’s discuss how to push mechanics, craft stories, refine designs, and bring everyone’s game to the next level.

Designers, players, and game enthusiasts of any level of expertise are welcome. The only rule is to give as much feedback as you get.

For more info on Playtest Sunday and other IndieCade events, visit the IndieCade Events page.


Our Booth

Friday 12-8PM, Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday 12-4PM, IndieCade Village
Play a new game from the NYU Game Center each day of the festival! Experience the Game Center creative process by playing three games from this summer’s Incubator at three different stages of development. You’ll see how games start as prototypes, class projects, or game jam ideas and iterate throughout our program into commercially released games!

Students, faculty, and staff will also be around the booth to talk about the program, answer questions, and convince you that the weather is actually way nicer in New York City.


Our Games

Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday 12-4PM, The Firehouse & IndieCade Village

We’d like to congratulate the following NYU Game Center games that will be featured in the 2015 IndieCade Festival!

Consentacle by Naomi Clark, Professor and No Quarter Commission
Cieble by Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, and Decky Coss, Alumni
Maquisard by Julian Hyde, Angela Lee, Terry Li, Wyatt Yeong,
Kailin Zhu, 2nd Year MFAs
Stellar Smooch by Alec Thomson and Jenny Jiao Hsia, MFA Alumni and BFA
BADBLOOD by Winnie Song, MFA Alumni & Incubator Participant
Ninja Tag by Leandro Ribeiro, MFA Alumni & Incubator Participant
Hotaru by Kaho Abe, Adjunct Faculty
Slam City Oracles by Jane Friedhoff, No Quarter Commission
Scattershot by Gigantic Mechanic including Matt Parker, Professor
Short  Order by Gigantic Mechanic including Matt Parker, Professor
Big Fish / Little Fish by Denver Coulson and Ben Sironko, 1st Year MFAs

For the full list of nominees and selections,visit the IndieCade 2015 Official Selection Games page.


Our Talks

Pillow Talk: A Keynote Conversation
Professor Naomi Clark, Adjunct Professor Robert Yang, and Alumni Nina Freeman
Friday 11:30AM

Best Practices in Real World Game Design
with Adjunct Professor Kaho Abe
Thursday 1PM

GameU Session 5: NYU, USC, and NYFA
with Program Coordinator Dylan McKenzie
Saturday 4:30PM

Game Development in the Spanish-Speaking World
organized in part by Professor Clara Fernandez-Vara
Saturday 11:30AM

For talk locations and the full IndieCade talk and event schedule, visit the schedule site.