New theory, new games: A workshop on using video game theory to make creative and experimental games

In this workshop, renowned video game theorist Jesper Juul will give a series of mini-lectures about video games, and show participants how they can use theory about video games to create new and interesting game designs. The workshop will combine critical discussion with interactive exercises and the hands-on creation of game designs inspired by theory.


Attendees will learn specific theory, make concrete game designs, and learn general methods for both making theory memorable and using theory for improving their games and game development processes.

About Jesper Juul

Jesper Juul is one of the most influential scholars to study games. Jesper was the first person to ever get a PhD in Game Studies, and has written several field-defining books: Half-Real looks at the thorny questions of games and storytelling; Handmade Pixels interrogates the myth of independent games; The Art of Failure dives into the contradictory psychology of what it means to play. Jesper is also a game designer and developer and integrates critical theory into his practice as a maker of both commercial games and experimental independent projects. He is a founding faculty at the NYU Game Center and is currently a faculty at the Royal Danish Academy of Art & Design, where he heads their game program.

Who Can Attend

Due to NYU’s COVID-19 event restrictions, this workshop is open to current NYU students, faculty, adjuncts, and staff only. This workshop will not be recorded or live-streamed.